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Hidden Hill Farm Shorthorns

Roy & Diane Lovaas

3264 Harbor St.,  Isle,  MN  56342   ph.#320-679-5035    email:


The pursuit of “native” Shorthorns was not our original goal. With the tremendous performance and success of the current breeding program which centered around HHFS Dream Weaver and HHFS Leah’s Legacy, Lovaas thought it might be interesting to re-introduce some of the older Shorthorn genetics which he found in the pedigrees of the matrons of those sires to enhance and deepen the rugged do-ability on forage which those genetics represented. As older genetics were studied, the idea became more intriguing.

In launching our program for the preservation and propagation of “native” Shorthorn cattle, Lovaas began to locate and acquire semen from acceptable bulls dating back as far as he could find. Remitall Choice Mint was the first find. Not long after that, with the much appreciated help of Mary Bell Cooksley owner of Haumont Shorthorns of Broken Bow, Nebraska, Meadowbrook Chieftain 9th semen was acquired from Rudolph Griese of Sutton, Nebraska. Semen on Maxton Bold Crusader was also acquired from Rudy at that time. Soon after that, semen on older bulls began popping up all over the USA and Canada, and semen from a great number of bulls came into our stewardship.

Present known, “native” Shorthorn bulls immediately available or readily accessible for embryo work in our program are:
Banner Royal Oak
Ball Dee Perfect Count
Buttercup’s Prince 20th
Canadian Image
Emeraldale Lincoln
FA Warrior 41
Great White Hope
Highbarns Lord Barrington
Hillview Hobo
Hub’s Director
Hub’s Dominator
Hub’s Impact II
Kenbar Perfect Count 13th
Kenmar President 26A
Kinnaber Leader 9th
Mandalong Super Flag
Meadowbrook Chieftain 9th
Meadowbrook Prince 16th
Millbrook Ransom 146A
Mollie’s Defender Adair
Maxton Bold Crusader
Nelco Ransom Chief
Remitall Choice Mint
Spiro’s Plummer
Tague’s K9 145
Thornwood Major
TPS Coronet Leader 21st
Weston Dynamo
Weston Resource

Bulls waiting for “native” verification are:
Boa Kae Royal Oak
Brandon Captain
Clipper King of USA
Cromellar Super Max
Eionmore Mr. Gus 85C
His Image of Bent Spear
Lone Pine Grand Society
PaDo Extrapoundmaker
Pleasant Dawn Seal 2nd
Smallflower Leader 2nd
TPS Coronet Leader 61st
Webollabolla Theodore

Clear focus on one’s goals and judicious use of “native” Shorthorn genetics is critical for success in the breeding program due to the fact that “native” Shorthorns are of three types: Beef, Dairy, and Dual Purpose. It is the breeder's pleasure and challenge to mate the right combination for optimum balance that will meet the environmental and industry demands with success. This requires one to know the cows as well as the bulls. For a measured and documented example of the importance of cow herd genetics click here - "Value of Cow Herd Genetics".